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11-16-2012, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by chalpen View Post
the ui changes for this season where great!

- HUD options messed up
- Mouse Over broken
- all my HUD options set to NONE on one of my chars (my settings are completely gone, tyvm S7!)
- BOff Powers available from BOffs that are not slotted on your ship...
- Private Queus disabled
- Foundry disabled
- white backgrounds on NPC contacts
- Department Head UI Lag introduced with S6 is also still around
- for some reason the assignment selector now jumps to the top of the list after accepting a DH assignment (changing stuff around is always nice and irritating)
- not to mention that the Reputation UI is in a window that is way to small for it and if you make it bigger all the other stuff in that window looks bad... (why can the Rep System not have its own window?)

yah the UI changes were a real treat, this time, if everything works for you, better touch NOTHING, you might brake it...

i think i will stop playing for a week or two until they fixed this horrible build to something that is playable again.

first all this dilithium nerfing and then pushing out a build again that just isn't ready.