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11-16-2012, 05:34 PM
Personally I do not mind the slow hangar.
The turn rate is somewhat strange. It feels that it is not what it is supposed to be. I do not know if the size and inertia play any roll or it is a "bug" not an accurate term, but something feels strange.

I acquired the 3 ship pack. So far I tested 2 builds. First build was the same from my Long Range. I could not say that I was astonished but it was better in many aspects. The second build was more to an escort with a few modifications, after all it is a science vessel not an escort. I can only say that it put a smile on my face

The only thing that is left to test is to see if it can match a cruiser tank, and I think that it can easily match a cruiser.

Concerning the consoles Fermion is the best of the 3. Also the extra ability from all 3 is good, feels like the ablative armor. The phaser module can do high damage if you target a slow moving target or immobilize the target and with 3 AUX cannons in Rapid fire do the math in DPS

My opinion/conclusion is that if you expect to use your standard science build from another ship, you will not see a great difference, improvement yes/maybe depends on the switch. If you are planning to have a mix of tac-sci build or eng-sci build, then yes it transforms to a different beast. My advice the Ensign Universal a Sci Boff and the Lt.Com Universal depending on tac or eng build.

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