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It's pure ignorance and the general myth that borg STF is the only worthwhile endgame content. I like STF, hell I have that medal of honor accolade for god sake. So I do understand the need to get some sort of good reward from STF (and frankly we had that with Omega Marks). But it doesn't change the fact the new commodity is dilithium and there should be reasonable methods to produce it. FA was a good way to do just that after S7 launch, and that has been taken away. And nothing has really been changed, they just distributed the dilithium across events but the original nerf is still in place but with even less production potential.

This feels like they took 70% of dil leaving you only 30%, then they reversed their decision pretending they're listening to customers and give you back access to only 40% of your original dil production. But in reality you got only 20%.
Logic Fallacy, the old Fleet Actions are hardly end game content, they are bug fest content, that don't work properly. Why do you think Stahl tried to move everyone towards it whilst not fixing a single problem with them? Because he wanted to make dilithium even more difficult to get, knowing full well the Fleet Actions haven't worked properly... since forever. If you think of what these devs have done the last few months, and place a ferengi motivation behind each move, you'll understand their obvious goals.

Just because you didn't get dilithium that way, doesn't mean others didn't. Regardless of what you may think, I could of gotten 6k dilithium in 15 minutes, they've pretty much patched every other easy dilithium gathering method. Because they want us spending 10 hours a day on their buggy game that they refuse to improve, they just keep adding "End Game Content" because rebranding with a few voice actors is easy, doing actual content isn't.

But look they'll keep nerfing and play the dilithium shift game to make it look like they are giving us more, when they know they are just being scam artists.

"Not enough people are refining dilithium.......... so we are reducing dilithium................. they are getting too much dilithium........... We aren't trying to fix the system, Dilithium only makes up xx percentage of all zen purchases, but we are making it easier for players ever than before to get STF gear! We are slapping dilithium prices on everything!!! Rejoice and worship us today~"

If you like being lied too I just summed up several of Stahls posts into one contractory paragraph ;D

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