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11-16-2012, 05:46 PM
My thoughts,

Firstly coming from Playing DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online) I do not understand this fear about paying for Episode content.

With DDO the only thing I paid for was Episode Content, an example would be the Necropolis packs (I, II, III, IV) which together are a ridiculous amount of story and dungeoneering for little more than ?12.00, 1/3rd of the price of the Vesta ship pack.

Honestly I've spent less on DDO in 4 years than I have on this game in 2 months. The other thing is you pay for what you like and ignore the rest. I'm not saying STO should be like this, I like that it's open to all, but that doesn't mean that paying for Story Arc's is a failed MMO concept, far from it. However I don't think Cryptic have the ability to produce the level and quality of story content I see at DDO or TOR (The tutorial of which I found more immersive and enjoyable than most of the missions in this game... good voice acting goes a long way).

I don't know if it's a limitation with the engine or their creativity, but simply put the episodes lack any real depth and are hardly memorable. I can barely remember what the Breen story was about and in general the events of 2409 onwards aren't really fleshed out in my mind like the rest of the Star Trek canon.

For story content to be of the right quality to even consider paying for I would want to see missions with good voice actors for most the NPC's, I'd want to see a compelling story and adventure, where you have to solve complex puzzles, understand the lore and mission and the Star Trek Timeline and where most important of all you and others form groups to do the missions (not take boffs) where you have to use your separate class skills to solve problems and advance. Episodes should be trying to capture the formula of the TV series not mindless pew pew pew in space followed by mindless pew pew pew on the ground.

If STO is going to have a future based around story content, then we need an engine capable of allowing story tellers to create an authentic star trek experience. Failing that I'd like to see all the option open for the Foundry including 3D-view and options to allow the dialogue to actually offer outcomes, that decisions we make in dialogue lead us down different mission paths. If I had those kind of options I could make compelling stories in the Foundry and bypass the need for Cryptic to do anything themselves.

Above all though I wish they would fix the damned bugs that have plagued this game for several seasons.