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Having just read through a lot of the things people are requesting in this thread, it seems to me that they would be tremendous undertakings. I am a somewhat skilled UX/UI designer in the tech industry and I do front end code and have a lot of connection with people who build cool stuff in the engineering world. I have some sense of the magnitude of what's being asked and how long that would take / costs involved / and the underlying difficulty in making a profitable venture (game).

That being said, I think the things that are being asked for could be absolutely incredible if done correctly. It all takes time and money. True Star Trek fans are about as loyal to a genre as fans get...

I would suggest maybe creating a Kickstarter which outlines tiers of functionality (i.e., command from the bridge, expansive universe for exploration, full ship exploration, full voice overs, beautiful planets with fauna, crew interactions, live orchestral soundtracking, and so on) for what's raised.

This may seem small, but if you committed to doing all of those things, I would personally donate a couple hundred bucks to the endeavor. I would probably not be alone.

Planetary Annihilation set out to raise $900k with this methodology and ended up raising $2.1million.

Just my 2 cents.