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11-16-2012, 06:12 PM
I think they are trying to make white doffs a commodity for building Starbases and all higher doffs for doing doff missions.

By putting a cost onto upgrading doffs but not down grading them they will make whites very cheap and the greens, blues, and purples very expensive.

Once a purple and blue doff gets into the game more than likely it will never leave (unless it is not a good one). Greens are for the start of doing doff missions which later they want you to make into whites.

I don?t remember when or where but I thought that they want high quality doffs to be very expensive. That?s why they put in the big hungry man eating Starbases into the game.

Also I think doff prices are falling at the moment. Some whites are only 3k or 4k.
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