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11-16-2012, 05:13 PM
I have to agree and voice my support for paid content.

Being paid to produce content would allow them to try new things with the game-play.

It'd allow them to produce new art assets which could be fed into the Foundry.

It'd allow then to extend the story properly instead of creating open-ended 'playgrounds' like New Romulus.

It'd allow then to use proper voice actors rather than the Devs themselves (although to be honest I think V/O is a waste of money - I'd rather see that spent on the music).

It would allow them to produce something polished and engaging which is something they're unable to do (and will never be able to do) working under the existing arrangements.

Despite the screwups Cryptic's made with Season 7, I really want to like it - but I can't - because there's no story and little gameplay.
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