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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Please supply additional information:

What is the name of the project, and what exactly are you seeing?
I have sent in two tickets regarding this issue as well as a forum post in the community feedback forum.

The one ticket I sent in was via e-mail and the other was in-game.

The in game ticket came back today from a GM saying "he couldn't do anything about it" and that I should submit a bug report which I believe if I was to do nothing would get done about it as it would be buried with the other bug reports.

The e-mailed ticket about the same issue contains a screenshot showing very clearly the problem. Which I have also linked here:

The project is called "station personnel officer on starbase". The problem is (in our case anyway) is that we completed the bridge officer requirement before season 7 and were trying to collect enough fleet marks to complete it. This was not achieved before season 7 came in.

The requirements were then changed from 5 very rare bridge officers to 10 common bridge officers. This is what has cause the bug. The progress got reset to 5/10 and now no one can contribute any type of bridge officer. Common rare or very rare to the project.

What was worrying was the fact the GM said they couldn't even remove the project from the queue so we could put it to one side while waiting for the bug to be fixed.

As things stand at the moment our fleet has close to 500 members who aren't very happy about this and a user who has spent a LOT of money on zen no longer buying any more zen until this issue is resolved!

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