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So a lot of people know about the autofire bug or have encountered it.
Many more people also know of the unassignable BoFFs bug.

These bugs may typically occur when switching to a newly-obtained ship, but may also occur at other times as well.

So here's the solution:

-Autofire Bug
--Go to Sector Space.
--Hit Escape, go to Options and then Rearrange HUD, find the panel that says 'Ship Weapons', make sure it isn't orange/hidden, then hit Escape again.
--Right click the weapons on that panel and your AutoFire will be working again, this is a workaround that can be used in the meantime.

-BoFFs (Bridge Officers) can't be assigned to stations
--Switch to the previous ship you were using
--Remove all BoFFs from their stations
--Switch back to your new ship then try reassigning them to the station, it should work this time.
--If not, try switching back to your old ship, make sure the stations aren't assigned, then completely exit the game and relaunch it. Repeat the first 3 steps and it should work.
--If not, dunno how to help ya Go bug Cryptic/PWE.

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