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A 5,000-point x4 Tet proc? Cause its not a drain over a few seconds, its just 'bam, no shields for you' like a single big weapon hit. All I know is that I want one. Do Power Insulators help against this? (Only 3 in it currently, need to respec in the near future anyways)

And as to the weapon thing, I thought they were only packing regular tetryon BAs, not phased?
It's phased tetryon. It's well known that Tholians use that, hence why it was in the tholian lock box. As for your shields getting demolished, you were probably getting hit by the Tarantulas. Those things have very very strong weapons. And I think power insulators will help a little, but not to the extent you need to survive. It's better to have a cruiser buddy watching your back.
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