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# 17 I thought I was the only one.
11-16-2012, 07:29 PM
I was starting to worry that maybe my laptop was about to have a mobo failure or something.

It's been happening to me more frequently in the new content. Not always though. Ker'rat just bluescreened me.

I certainly hope that this issue, and the subsequent hard resets I have to perform to recover, aren't damaging my laptop in any way.

This game was marketed as being compatible with Intel HD graphics. My core i3 could handle medium just fine. Now, even with every setting on it's lowest value, my graphics driver resets repeatedly.

I hope that Cryptic gets on the ball and resolves this issue, or I'll stop buying $20 worth of failbox keys each month to sell on the exchange. A good deal of the player base is likely on laptops, and all low and mid range Intel laptops run HD graphics.

Unless they want to make the game incompatible for a fair number of the player base, they need to fix this.

My driver is updated, the game has been reinstalled, the on demand patching has been disabled, settings have been dropped essentially to 16-bit. It's not me, Cryptic. It's you.

To venture a guess, the issue is related to either: lighting changes, camera zoom/movement, particle effects, or those new "bitmap nebula" backgrounds added to some space maps.

I realise it doesn't narrow it down much, but it's a place to start.

If you want me to LTS don't break the game for me.

TL;DR: Fix it or I'll stop throwing money at you.

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