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11-16-2012, 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by dapperdrake View Post
Are you sure about this?
I have red matter. It doesn't work the same way as you said. In fact it never repair my sub system. But it increase a little bit my strike (like attack pattern). This device has really weird behaviour
Anyway, I don't think dev would take time to fix it. Not much people has this device...
I say they should ban those people who have it ,I mean not much people have that device so no biggie....

*facepalm for your amazing logic*

Originally Posted by dapperdrake View Post
Actually you're wrong. Because the OP and me we didn't notice what you're talking about.
But as I read on the global channel most of people who have this item, they use it to increase their attack.
Maybe you're make confuse with deuterium...
Im pretty sure now you are trolling.If you dont have the red matter capacitor go on wiki and read the info .