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11-16-2012, 08:21 PM
For the most part, my Fleets (KDF and Federation) are taking a vaction from Fleet Mark Grinding.

With Season 7, Starbase projects have gotten easier with the DOFF requirement being cut in half and the Bartender project no longer asking for Ale and Rotgut (BTW Cryptic, what you going to do with these missions now that nobody needs them?) Not to mention its easier to buy common fleet DOFFs and use them.

But when it comes to Embassies, we stopped after a few days. Because the Dilithium costs is just not in our favor as a small fleet. Even moreso the severe Costs that is involved with Tier 1's requirement, asking for 50 Uncommon Civilian DOFFs. (You realize how much Dilithium it's going to take just to ge 50 Uncommon Civilian DOFFs?)

Really disappointed Cryptic thinks so little of small fleets. So we are going play TOR F2P (for the story_ and only spending a few hours in STO for the Reputation system.

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