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Being a longtime player of City of Heroes, what strikes me most in this game is that there really are only a few story arcs. Very few. Without the player generated content, this game is pretty much a grind fest of doing the same missions over and over again.

I think the devs should spend their time making more stories to play out. More contacts. None of these need to be more than five or six missions in a chain. They can even be one offs, or two and three mission arcs. Add some content that deals with story. The arcs that are present are these big, universe explaining arcs, and while fun, they take about a week to clear out.

The game simply doesn't feel like it's had seven years of love. It feels like it's had about seven weeks of love.

Give the game some love!


p.s. I am enjoying the game greatly, but, as I said, shy of the player generated content...the game is horribly dry and grind oriented. Harsh, perhaps, but, the truth always is.