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Originally Posted by vegeta50024 View Post
Heads up on dilithium outlook: Dan Stahl is posting on Red Alert at this moment and has said they are monitoring the dilithium economy. The average people are collecting seems to be going up.
I know that it true for me. In Season 6, I didn't really do many STF's; only enough to get the MK XI grounds, MK XII armour, and MK XII Maco. I understand they are the bread and butter for some people, but I got burnt out. The tension always seemed too high sometime. I agree they are fun and a challenge, but again for me it was more like, "okay you stay by Kang, the others, go blow up the borg (much of them stationary) in a certain order, every time, then we will win." The challenge wears off after doing it 3 times, 5 times, because we know what to do?

I did not do the clickies, I did not bother traveling to B'Tran to do those. I didn't even take the time to do the Defera dailies. I did Fleet Mark stuff with a splash of Doffs.

I, for one am happy to see Dilithium in Fleet Actions and that they stayed in STF's. Now I can play a wider range of things I enjoy and still get dilithuim. And now that the Fleet Actions reward, I find myself going from SB24, to Infected Space to get some Omega, then to the Big Dig, to the nebula rescue for some romulan/fleet marks, etc. I like the FA's because they are larger engagements. Sure, they're easy, but just the other day, when I was running in my Steamrunner, I wing manned with an Akira and it felt awesome. I like seeing the variety of ships in FA's. But that's just me.

Last season I only hit my dilithuim cap on my main toon twice, once over two weekends when I was in search for the MK XI gear. Since S7, I have dilithium capped my main toon now three days in a row, and have actually been playing my alts more.

I just play what I want and that's why I'm really glad STF's have dilithuim again. I am really eager to get to T5 on both the reputation system to see dilithuim conversion from marks.

I just play what I'm in the mood for and thankfully more of it has dilithium attached to it.

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