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Originally Posted by wbgron1 View Post
Is anyone else not being able to see 'Zone' chat? Its there and I can type in it, unless every single player out there has decided to take a day off from selling in zone, slagging in zone or normal every day banter and just simply does not wanna chat!!

I can chat in Fleet chat though, Elite STF channel is down too.

Whilst on the subject of Broken..

1: Foundry is down
2: STF Private Lobby doesn't work
3: Space Enemy encounter in the new Romulus Sector doesn't work
4: Zone chat for me and others i FUBAR
5: ...will think of others
There is a weird systemic bug in Cryptic game engine. Sometimes privacy settings get into a weird state. The server thinks there are on, and teh game client thinks they are off. Teh reason who you can't see zone is because your 'Allow Friend/Fleet Chat only" setting is turned on. It's probaby show as off on your settings. You are in essence ignoring everyone that isn't your friend.

What you need to do is to turn ON all of the settings, save. Then turn the settings OFF. That will clear up Zone and Global channels chat not being seen.

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