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11-16-2012, 09:22 PM
Adding a few hull points a few shield points
1 console slot isn't enough for a lot of the fleet
Ships we have already

The galaxy class is a shining example of this

It still a poor ship choice,Brandon your crew must
Do better than this of you want these ships to sell

Just look at how poor the galaxies boff arrangement is
Set this ship up I'n a tactical mode and it will sell

A excelsior fleet ship would be nice
Make it's LT Cmdr Tac into a commander, it will sell

The tier 1 ,2 ,3 ships as a fleet tier 5 would be nice to
Use for helping low level players get thru missions and
Mirror events, I think they should have the 12 boff/ 4 or 5
Bridge officers
Add 1 more weapon slot 1 console slot some hull
And shields and it would be a fun ship to return to
The story missions with

All of the empires would have lots of these ships I'n storage/mothballs
And to rework refit a few would be common

A idea to work with here, captured enemy ships reworked
And used as a tier 5 ship including lockbox ships
However these ships would be inferior to the original
I'n closing make the current fleet ships better and they
Will sell especiall the canon ships.
Jellico....Engineer.....Stargazer KDF Tac
Saphire.. Science.....Ko'el Rom Kdf Tac
Leva........Tactical.....Mailu KDF Sci

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