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11-16-2012, 10:54 PM
Who taught you math

It'd never take you 10 runs to get a proto salvage, those are now t5 and costs 40 dilithium

All the marks plus resources, plus time, plus the dilithium to buy it vs getting 1000 dilithium per 5 rounds.

The real math looks quite different from your version...

First off, the math is 1 prototype salvage = 40 k:

If you got one per 5 runs, you'd have gotten 40 runs/5 = 8 proto x 40,000 dil in trying to earn 1 under the new system.

That's minus 320,000 dilithium + for every 5 it's +1 so

-320,000+8000= -312,000

PER weapon you plan on getting... Need 6 for your ship ? Say hello to a deficit of 1.8 MILLION dilithium lmao

And that's ONLY doing math on lost prototypes. After that you can factor in all of the other drops including purples, EDC's and so on.