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Originally Posted by kara445 View Post
Hoooo i love Hyperion series it was the best sci/fi books i read.

Honestly i don't know what think about the way who take this game, i start STO in the beta (closed beta i think, not sure) and at the start i was surprise by the store but it was only cosmetic things, and with the time they start to sell ship and really better ship. But it was really optional for enjoy the game but i was worry about that.

Now we need dilithium for everything, even for make EC. We need dil for fleetbase, for ship for stuff for EC ....

What i don't i s when you are gold member ( you py a subscription) or lifer in fact you have the same limitation than free member because even if you have Zen each month you need pay more if you want enjoy the game and all the features.

I can understand the shop and the lockbox ( i still think is a good idea for make money) BUT stop forget people who pay every months or the lifer

We support you !!! we give money every months and now we need to pay in plus like all free members ?????? i can't deal with that !
Well the 3 vesta ships are, as some gamers state, 'a money pit'. I don't mind opening boxes, here and there. I've racked up about 702 Lobi crystals and aslmost have enough for a Temporal Destroyer. Before that, I used the Lobi crystals i had to buy the first temporal set.
So obviously the point in this example is that players can be motivated to buy unique ships like that and their complimentary equipment because they are actually unique. But having a generic ship - that are inferior to the Odyssey science cruiser - like the vesta, only idiots will buy it because they don't know any better.

P.S. the series Illium and Olympus by Dan Simmons is very awesome as well