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11-16-2012, 10:13 PM
Just for console, that ship is worth it. Do a mission with 4 out 5 teammates have that console and stagger the use I know we tried with my fleet. I like it more that fleet defiant for my engineering toon. I can tank real well with it and with assimilated console and temporal one too I get good constant dps (lots of crit with more crit bonus) from phasers cannons setup, 3 fleet dhc critd, 1 quad, 3 fleet turrets acc. All that with 4 mk xii blue phasers consolem 2 blue mk XII neutronium gives me resist. I can afford to get agro and stay there for the kill with my engineer.

Can not tank quite as well with my tactical toon. but bug is more a match for his skills tankwise and burst dps can't compare with polaron and 2 pces Jem'hadar set with Maco XII shield or fleet defiant which is less tanky, even more so since S7 (no more 3 pces borg). But, add that console to either and you have a get out of jail button for 12 seconds when things gets hot before you have no more shield. Don't forget, you need shields up for it to work .

As a side note, for such an agile ship its bigger than expected.
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