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heyo pvpr's!

with the new league going on, and some fire under that belly, and boot camp getting started... i wanted to reach out to the readers, not so much the posters.... and get some info flowing.....

there are such great threads if you just search for them. mav's cruiser build threads, kai's sci threads..... naz's threads... they all give great info, but i really want to start off with the basics here.

in pvp, rule #1, stay alive.

1 person dies, and you will see the rest follow quickly, because of pure numbers game. to defeat this everyone should start off their builds running 2 copies of epts, and 2 tac teams. or max that out however you can based on layout. this is raw defense folks, its the base. you can pull away from this once you have learned the system, but until then, run it.

rule #2, play your class.

scis....your main weapon is your subnuke/scan combo. it needs to be full aux. find a way to work it in. you need your front 45 on a target to get the nuke in, so... play in an agile ship.

tacs, its all about apa for you, and how you can roll in the go down fighting... 4 dual heavy cannons and rapid fire get the job done the best right now, start off there before you go to torps or beam overloads. you need timing and situational awareness to pull those off right now. get your piloting and distance run times nailed using 4 DHC before moving forward with anything else.

engies. im going to say this softly (bieber and era hold your tongue) damage is not your concern. keeping your escorts and scis alive is. you need extends, and you need team heals. ectends, plus he1, tss2, goes a long way in a fight.... get good with those before thinking about damage.

rule #3, look at your team's buff bars

whether in voice comm or just pugging it, if you look at the 3 paragraphs above, a team dynamic should be clear to you. spike damage on the guy being subnuked, heal the guy being killed. what you should do in any ship for any situation, is be aware of what your teammates are running, and when.

the rest, is piloting, and situational awareness my friends.

so, get out there, and have fun killing bad guys.

but start with the basics....... play your role in battle.