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Literally just popped out of ISE, less than two minutes ago. Had a good team, nice, efficient. However, after we downed the first transformer in blink-and-you'll-miss-it time I went ahead and fired on the spheres that showed up, which proceeded to drain all 8k of my shields. Mammary glands, at this point had become upwardly-inclined enough for me to pop Evasive maneuvers and try to run away. I managed to get Hazard Emitters up, and I had full hull.

Then, I had NO hull. ONE hit. I didn't even SEE the torpedo. I'm flying a Chimera, mind you. 35.5k hull in ONE invisible crit. Needless to say, I was miffed. Same thing happened again, 5 minutes later. Same thing, but after the SECOND transformer, and I managed to keep 5% of my hull for 0.68 seconds.

Summary of bug: BORG CRIT TOO HARD. Yes, that was Elite, but this is RIDICULOUS! I've had this happen in an ODYSSEY, two WEEKS ago, with 58,000 hull. And yes, my Chimera has armor. One green Mk X Neutronium. My Odyssey had two blue ones, and it STILL got one-shot. I DON'T think this is intentional, so I'd like to request a fix.
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