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11-16-2012, 11:58 PM
I agree with the OP

Also my Dil earnings from stfs has been cut over
66% , selling the Borg salvage with the mission Dil payoff
Gave me my dill quota I'n no time

That left me time to help fleetembers with problems
Answering questions helping them level up or do story
Missions with them.I had time to pvp and try out outlandish
Builds you know fun stuff.

Now I need to grind out things I don't see as fun to
Keep my character progressing

When our fleet does a STF and completes it
They say, ( That's it ? ) no loot drop

Winning a STF seems hollow now before it was
What did you get ? Everyone was excited, now it's silenc

Now it feels like a grind not like a accomplishment

If it's not fun they won't play
That's a fact Jack
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