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11-17-2012, 12:09 AM
Since the timers are all 1 day 16 hours, that's you setting up either right before bed or when you get up.
Obviously you have to set the first timer right...

Outside that you have to play like 1 mission during the week then it's purely afk.
I'd go as far as to say there shouldn't be a single person on the planet with a pc that couldn't do that.

If you somehow magically is able to put on a month's worth of wasting time doing that, you are doing something wrong.

The reasoning behind killing stf rewards was that *some* people weren't getting their ground sets or weren't getting them fast enough, that the drop rate was too low.

Well, so fix the drop rate - reducing a system that worked into nothing and taking everything away that is currently great is just a uintelligent move.
You know if'd just let the reputation system be new on it's own and kept the old rewards people would be cheering right now.
Any number of easy solutions could have been made, they simply was no reason (that we have heard) to kill stf.

Then they come out and say oh ps you are refining too little dilithium, well guess what I am not bringing in ANY dilithium now outside the minimum I get for doing marks.

To me it just looks like a choice to say elite stf'ers are earning too much, casuals aren't spending enough cash and we need EVERYONE to spend more time.

Remember the initial idea was the reputation system cost you dilithium.
Re-call on that change shows it's not necessary game changes that abosolutely had to be made and they went too far in demanding things from us - even for their own taste...

And to me that's not what new content should be about, how much more can you squeeze out of me before I go under.

Season 7 could have been so great, what a waste of time for everyone.