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11-16-2012, 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by admiralandy View Post
To be honest you sound like you a forum ninja who works for Cryptic and comes in to derail the 'naysayers'

Is there anything about Season 7 you don't like?

Overall there are some positives but if you don't get how Cryptics actions have infuriated players you either are working for Cryptic or don't understand people very well.

Its quite simple people feel they had more in season 6, now they have less.

One of the biggest impacts for me is the slow way of gaining fleet marks something I think needs to be redressed.
Do I work for cryptic? No. I'm a photographer and I work for myself. Are there things I don't like? Yes, I think it's very hard to get fleet marks. That being said, I understand that no MMO is ever going to to be perfect to the point where it pleases me 100% let alone an entire gaming community.

I think I understand people pretty well. I understand that people don't like and can resist change. I also understand that people don't like it when things are made a little more difficult. Additionally, I understand that people can look over positives because they can get hung up on the negatives.

People may think they have less now, but are people taking in to consideration the fact that there are new sets, new captain abilities/powers, new missions, new sector space in addition to new gameplay systems or are they just looking at the now with no consideration for the bigger picture?

I don't work for cryptic, nor do I support everything they do, but I do think they did a good job. That's my opinion. I won't tell others they're wrong. I do wish people would give it a go, though. A fair go.