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I understand where most players are coming from.
Here is how I'm interpreting it as from a game developer perspective.

Whiny little brats, they want everything spoon-fed to them. Don't they know how damn expensive it is to create new content, and voiced content at that! Nimoy's bills alone eat up more than half our budget and these stupid little ****s want more of that? Really? They should be glad we give them the paid privilege of making new missions for their fellow players. PWE breaks our backs and if we don't comply they'll shut the game down. We gotta play by their rules cause they own us and our company and assets.

You ****ing Trekkies want a game? You want STO to continue? Quit yer ******** and either pay up or leave. More will replace you.
I don't doubt for a minute that at least some of that in quotes was spoken or implied in the development mentality behind this season 7 update.

They don't respect the players, that much is obvious.

They don't respect their SUBSCRIBERS, terribad mistake. I looked at the 'features matrix' and I'm shocked that the gold subscribers haven't been more vocal about paying $15/month to have less features than prior to the F2P launch. The mere fact that they still require even subscribers to buy from the cash shop to unlock certain features like increased bank/inventory is just ridiculous!

So here's the deal. They need money and this has been their attempt to get more money. Either you pay with money or time, that's the deal. That's what they've said in their dev diaries about the role of dil in the economy. More dil = you spent more time.

Dil wasn't ever meant to be reliably 'farmable' in such insane quantities as it has been previously. They were actually a little too generous and they had to tighten the belt.

Yes it SUCKS, a lot. But instead of f2p players throwing tantrums like 5 year olds cause the lollipop was taken away, grow up and deal with it. Pay with money or time, voice your concerns, but your whining will fall on deaf ears.

Oh right, the 'concessions'? LOL. Heavily nerfed the dil gains from easier content (SB24) to give a pittance of dil at your end-game STFs. Works for them, not for you, suckers

I hope people don't quit just cause it isn't 'easy mode' anymore. It is only a 2nd job if you make it that way. Play a little bit each day and enjoy your incremental progress. Having random drops of 1% or w/e is still worse than being able to grind reputation to actually earn it. Perhaps at least dropping some 'junk' items that can be vendored would help out?

Be glad it ain't worse. Be glad they haven't *censored* so that you have to farm drops from *censored* just to *censored* to add in even more steps for *censored*. Censoring so they don't get any bright ideas

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