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# 1 Just unlocked tier 1 and wow.
11-16-2012, 11:29 PM
I'm speechless. I just unlocked tier 1 for both the Romulan and Omega reputation systems and boy did we get *@&#ed. for all those who said this system was a step in the right direction, i hope you guys eat your words.

first, according to the ui, picking your passive abilities are permanent and unchangeable. so be careful. there is a box that asks are you sure. but once that's locked in, youre locked in.

sooo, after 80 hours of project time, i had to run an additional 1 hour upgrade project to unlock tier 1. no biggie.

when i finally unlocked tier one, that's when all the fun began. no new reputation projects, the same 2000 and 800 ones. however, the other changes are what peaked my attention.

if you wanted to unlock a mk x omega armor, it is a 40 hour project that lets you requisition 1 piece. if you wanted to unlock a mk x deflector, it's a 40 hour project that lets you requestion 1 piece. WHAT THE *#^@? these projects take up one of your two project slots.

if you want to use the store, which was supposed to unlock in the sequential tiers, here's a shocker. you need to unlock each tier by running another 40 hour project. those tabs from the former omega store are each 40 hour projects, so if you wanted a split beam and a pulsewave weapon, you would have to unlock 2- 40 hour projects just for the ability to buy the weapons with dilithium.

each and every benefit described under each tier is a 40 hour project you need to unlock. INCLUDING THE ROMULAN CONSUMABLES! the one time use consumables are 40 hour projects as well.

so i ask you again, what the *#$&?

Thank you very much for all those who said this new reputation system would be a step in the right direction. I really hope you enjoy using this system for each and every one of your characters.

Want to outfit your boffs with full mk xii gear? that's 4 toons x 3 items each = 12 items total. 12 items x 40 hours = 480 hours. that's not including the 59 and change days you need to wait before even unlocking the tier 5 stuff, running projects back to back to back without missing a beat.

thank you very much. enjoy your new content.

attached are pictures. enjoy looking at what's waiting for you.

wow. just wow.

Breakdown of what is offered in Tier 1 Omega and Romulan Rep
How much time will be spent waiting for gear to unlock
How much dil is needed for 1 set of mk xii gear

My prediction for time gated projects after Tier 1.

[update 11.20]
Change is a coming

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