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11-16-2012, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by endafresh View Post
So a lot of people know about the autofire bug or have encountered it.
Many more people also know of the unassignable BoFFs bug.

These bugs may typically occur when switching to a newly-obtained ship, but may also occur at other times as well.

So here's the solution:

-Autofire Bug
--Hit Escape, go to Options, find the panel that says 'Ship Weapons', make sure it isn't orange/hidden, then hit Escape again.
--Right click the weapons on that panel and your AuroFire will be working again, this is a workaround that can be used in the meantime.

-BoFFs (Bridge Officers) can't be assigned to stations
--Switch to the previous ship you were using
--Remove all BoFFs from their stations
--Switch back to your new ship then try reassigning them to the station, it should work this time.
--If not, try switching back to your old ship, make sure the stations aren't assigned, then completely exit the game and relaunch it. Repeat the first 3 steps and it should work.
--If not, dunno how to help ya Go bug Cryptic/PWE.
There is no panel in the Options menu that says "Ship Weapons"....So you must mean "Rearrange HUD" ....and by the didn't work for me. Still not able to deselect or select autofire