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11-16-2012, 11:40 PM
I find I enjoy my vesta quite a bit.

I got it for my second toon, my first being your typical tac/escort combo. I wanted to play differently so I am for full support/heals on mine.

I could only get one, so I chose the "sci" version.

Now I heal really really well, especially if the person(s) I'm healing are doing the basics such as TT1, or simply redirecting shield power (After going heals, I noticed just how FEW players do this)

2x SIF generators,
5x shield emitters,

Takes me forever to kill anything, but I wasn't going for that.

BTW yes, this is for PvE.

And when I feel like solely killing things, I simply load up the tac/escort guy. That usually scratches that itch.

EDIT: I do notice however that EC generation is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH easier on a dps toon. this vesta almost never finishes in the top 3, whereas the dps toon nearly always finishes top 3. This has a big effect on the loot you get and ultimately how much EC you can generate. Especially now since Fleet Actions are really the only place to get loot anymore (unless I missed something)

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