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11-17-2012, 12:41 AM
Gaalom, let me explain it to you in SIMPLE terms, just so we're clear here...

I have a job. I don't need a second Job, I sure as hell don't need a second job that I have to pay someone else in order to do, esp. if what I'm paying them for is shoddy workmanship, lousy customer service, condescension, and corporate forum-ninjas such as yourself.
the Reputation system is, as it stands, an end-game add-on tacked to the end at level cap-iow, it's NOT a tool for levelling, nor is it an enhancement, and it won't slow down someone who's pushing for L50 in three days so they can do Elite STFs.

What it DOES do, is remove most of the desire to DO that end-game content, especially for those of us who aren't hardwired to their office chair/internet computer for 16 to 20 hours a day in mom's basement.

I'm one of the people who pay Cryptic's bills, and I'm getting rather disinterested in buying Cryptic products, Gaalom, because I'm SEEING poor customer service, SEEING disrespectful treatment of paying customers, SEEING an attitude of "go **** yourself we'll get another sucker".

The Reputation system should be starting at...say, for the ROmulan side, at least, about the level you start the "Romulan Mystery" series of story missions, and Omega should be beginning right about the time your toon gets that call from Admiral D'vak, not at Level 50, when you've already pretty much done EVERYTHING except maxing out your score on the Elite STF's.

They should be tied to missions which grow your CHARACTER ALONG A QUEST LINE, not an add-on to work as a sink for resources that we're already accustomed to plowing into the Fleet system started last season.

Can you dig that? THAT would Make SENSE, most of the fun content in STO, honestly, is the stuff you do while you're levelling a new toon, and frankly, New Romulus looks more like the opening levels of some asian fantasy grind-fest game, complete with cute animals, helplessly incompetent peasants, and pointless quests. It's Level 30-40 quality material, not 50+. (though the maps ARE rather one would expect from code ripped from a defunct PW project.)

the problem people are having, Gaalom, is that Season 7 has two decent new STF's and a ****load of useless garbage they're essentially being strong-armed into doing against their desires, all of which is unsupported by any storyline-development or even reasonable expectation for entertainment, and it's a grind-grind-grind-grind-grind for what? Nobody's SEEN endstate rewards from the Rep system-it wasn't on TRIBBLE LONG ENOUGH FOR ANYBODY TO GET THERE.

Given the quality-control issues (everything from people's BOFF layouts suddenly giving ALL the powers, not jsut the ones slotted, to people being unable to equip their Bridge officers AT ALL on their ships, crashing, Ques failing constantly to trigger, or dumping them into completed mission content, booting, and of course the long-standing bugs and issues going back to launch that remain unresolved and for the most part unaddressed...)

given the existing QC issues and the acreage of tickets going back YEARS, the question of whether any of the Rep Grind rewards are worth the effort is a serious one, not to be dismissed lightly, not even by a corporate forum ninja.

Cryptic ****ed up, Gaalom, this time seriously, and this time it's not just the Klinks they screwed over, nor the PvPers, it's EVERYONE.