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11-16-2012, 11:43 PM
Im not talking switching ships, or software running or whatever...

I am talking about on the same ship, in this case a Atrox carrier, on DS9. Every time I beam into ds9 and then get out, my boffs decided they are not in the mood for working and leave their stations, so, taskbar all screw up. Powers gone and new ones come into place, even when the lock sign of the power list is checked.

The problem here is the boffs leaving the stations and that screws up the Taskbar.

Also, this thread is just not because of a bug, so I would have post it on the proper section, but when editing the HUD, you can add extra bars to the game, the thing yea this is funny, those bars have to stay in the vertical position, sure you can move them around but you can not switch from vertical to horizontal. I think having extra bars is cool to add some other stuff, but the guy that implement this, just did it in a rush...
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