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11-16-2012, 11:50 PM
Originally Posted by avarseir View Post
I will take this compared to farming STFs for 5 straight months, every single day and not getting a single piece of proto tech. I don't know about you.. maybe you got all your proto tech on your first runs, but I was way more frustrated with the previous system.

But OP, a question, do you need to unlock MkX to gain access to MkXII? As far as i know you can skip MkX if you don't want it.

If you need to unlock MkX to get to MkXII, then that's screwed up!
I agree 100% anything is better then the old luck system that was a screwed up mess from the beginning i have 8 toons and constantly running stfs on all of them and only got the MK XII set on 1 of them so at least this way we have a goal to work twords, sorry for those of you who where lucky and got them right away but it wasnt fair to us unlucky peeps