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11-17-2012, 01:30 AM
Originally Posted by jlebeck View Post
You can put any hanger ships on the Vesta, I have every one and they all work. I personally like the animation, the Vesta isn't a carrier, it just has a shuttlebay that actually does something.
Thanks. Picked up the advanced peregrines and the advanced runabouts. So far peregrines are rocking. They doing around 1200 dps. Total I'm doing 4 to 5k dps when you combine my dps with the peregrines and survivability is amazing. I'd say as good if not better than my engineer in a cruiser hehe. I gotta keep moving when tanking on him. On my sci captain in the vesta I just sit in front of the tac cubes and fire away and cycle my 2 hazard emitters 2 transfer shield strengths and 2 empts and use scattering field 3 and the vesta's 3 abilities when necessary and only time I even lose any health is when one of those invisible torpedoes hits me and drops me to about 50% hull while my shields are still full LOL.