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Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
Abilities should add dimensions to combat, not break it.
I've never quite been happy with the way BOFF abilities are setup in STO. They feel off - handled in a manner I do not consider to be logical in the least. The connection between the BOFFs and the stations is far too simplified in my opinion. They need to be separated.

Say what?

Let's look at a BOFF and let's look at a Station. The BOFF should have a Rank. The Station should have a Tech Level.

Say we have a Commander Tac BOFF - I'll give him some random abilities for what I'm trying to say (they're not thought out, etc): APD3, DPB2, THY2, and TT1. This Tac BOFF's best ability is APD - it's what they've specialized in.

Now let's put that Tac BOFF in a ship. I'll drop him in a Steamrunner - and - I'll drop him in that Commander Tac BOFF slot.

That's fine, eh? That's what we've got now.

Okay, but what if I drop him in a Lt Tac Slot on a Dreadnought? Well, he can only use THY2 and TT1. Sure, he's specialized in APD and subspec'd DPB - but he can't use them.

Logically, if he knows APD3 - he knows APD2 and he knows APD1. If he knows DPB2 then he knows DPB1. But that's not the way it works in the game.

Now if the stations were based on a tech level rather than rank level - we'd have TL1, TL2, TL3, TL4. The BOFF Rank abilities would still be connected. You would need a TL4 Tac Station to run APD3. You could not run APD3 in a TL3, TL2, nor TL1 station.

What you could do though with that Tac BOFF is the following though:

TL4 Station: APD3, DPB2, THY2, TT1
TL3 Station: APD2, DPB2, THY2, TT1
TL2 Station: APD1, DPB1, THY2, TT1
TL1 Station: THY1, TT1

With both APD and DPB requiring a min TL2 station - they could not be used in a TL1 slot.

You could have a max of 3 abilities in a TL1 station with either a LCdr or Cmdr BOFF (the Commander's Cmdr rank ability - their best ability would only be available at TL2 or higher depending on what it is). Further - depending on how you build that BOFF, you might only have a single ability in that TL1 station.

Logically though, if the guy knows Ability X3 - they should know X2 and X1.

Just something I've expressed before in regard to how abilities should add dimensions to play in space...