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11-17-2012, 12:58 AM
bare minimum amount of time to unlock the necessities per character:

tier 0-5:
100,000 xp /2800 xp per project cycle = 31.7 project cycles
31.7 project cycles * 40 hours per project cycle = 1428.6 hours

mk xii pulsewave: 40 hours
mk xii split beam: 40 hours

mk xii armor: 40 hours
mk xii weapon: 40 hours
mk xii psg: 40 hours

mk xii deflector: 40 hours
mk xii engine: 40 hours
mk xii shield: 40 hours

@ 2 projects per cycle, total time = 320 hours/2 = 160 hours

add 120 hours for the new set of assimilated console, cutting beam and omega torpedo
add 120 hours for the 2nd set
add 120 hours for the adapted set
add 160 hours for all the costume unlocks

@ 2 projects per cycle, total time = 520 hours/2 = 260 hours

+5 hours, 1 for each tier unlock

total time: 1853.6 hours or 77.23 days per every brand spanking new toon.

that's just the waiting time too! insane, no?

the best part? after all this farming, what are you going to do with your new found sets after waiting all this time? more farming. LOL... oh the irony. all the while, picking up the slack of all of those around you who haven't completed the same grind. If you thought public queues and some private games were bad? Just wait until you have all these new, completely under geared guys trying to participate.

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