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11-17-2012, 01:18 AM
I'm agree with the OP too, i wish can tell my feeling about what they do but my english is not so good.

I'm a gold member I support this game since the closed beta, i pay every month because i though this game and all people who work on this game deserved it.

But what they do now it just show to us what they want, it's not the game, it's not a deal between us and them like we do everything for you enjoy it and you support us. No it just about money and nothing more.

This season make me think about all the promise we had, like my favourite : the shop will be only for cosmetic stuff.

Yes that true this season is not fun, a lot of good idea and beautiful thing but when i see i will have to do every day and many time per day the same thing for win just a little bit i can't, that should be a game not a work.

What make me the most angry is when i see as a gold member i have the same problem and the same need too pay more than the free member.