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11-17-2012, 02:22 AM

You do not need to play this mission for Omega Marks. You can do an easy Infected Space or something....
If you find the new STFs too difficult then play the old ones. They give the same rewards.

Some of us want something challenging. I would say they should, beef the mission up a bit more! Same goes for the ground one! In the room with the 8 consoles we should be fighting 4 x Elite Tactical Dones at each console.

These two new missions should require careful planning of your team makeup. No DPS boosting through! There should be a need for Shutdown abilities, heals, and DPS.

How many people have a keybind for distribute shields? How many people understand that with balanced shields you can increase your heals 4 fold? These missions should require you to figure out how to be the best. And if you have to warp out 15 min later, because you brought in the wrong team, then great! With PvP dying there should be something else that is a challenge.