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Originally Posted by gaalom View Post
...but the fact is if you looked at the old vendors you could turn in 40 of the old item to get a new item without having the salvage . The old system was way better.
/and this.
ok, mkxii gear was hard to earn (well, it's mkxii). but we already had the opportunity to change in our edc for (competitve) mkxi sets.
i ran stf's over the whole year, f.e. without getting a single mkxii psg tech-drop. but in that time i farmed enough edc for outfitting 4 boffs with maco/omega, plus 2 sets for myself, and maco and omega stuff for 17 ships(!). and now have on every single ship at least a 2-piece-bonus running (15 out of 17 with 2piece maco/omega + 1 borgpart).
on top was the dil i made off those times. only while i farmed for my 4 boff sets: 'bout 200k dil!.
so i ran several gstf's and never really felt the need for that final mkii tech-drop. only for my collection, performance was more than enough with easily obtainable mkxi sets.

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