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11-17-2012, 02:34 AM
I keep hearing about people having trouble with a lack of Fleet Marks and I need to ask; Are you folks running the commendation reports at your Starbase? I don't know if your fleet mates have hit rank 4 in any Doff xp categories, but I've been doing pretty good spending the extra CXP for fleet marks. Once you have most categories maxed out and the doffs busy you should be able to net 300 or 400 marks a week if not more just from that, and that's not counting critting any of those assignments.

As for the OP I can understand what you're feeling. Personally my big issue is the length of the timers on the reputation projects, but that's a whole other story. In your situation it might just be a matter of saying "screw it" and ignore the reputation projects and starbase, or at least not be too concerned about them, and go have fun. I know the best time I've had in a while was getting 4 of my fleet mates together and running around Defera with swords making like Zerglings and tearing apart all the Borg through the city area. If you think what Cryptic is making you do is a grind just go and make your own fun. It's obvious dil is going to be harder to come by now (which makes me kind of wonder about this game's financials) so it might be a matter of finding the new normal and finding our own pockets of fun in this universe.
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