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Originally Posted by gaalom View Post
For those saying this new system is better, and they grinded the old system and got nothing your full of it. I ran the stfs prior to season 7 for 3 days on my max Fed and Klingon. I was able to get the borg sets with ease, and I was able to pick up 2 MKXII weapon items on my klingon. To top it off I was able to get my Klingon a MKXII Honor Guard shield for my ship. I am sure I got blessed on this but the fact is if you looked at the old vendors you could turn in 40 of the old item to get a new item without having the salvage . The old system was way better.
You guys are pretty lucky with drops. I've played cure ground for a long time before i could get the proto weapon drop. Not counting the failed missions, stupid PUGs not cooperating, etc.

Sure you can say that you got the stuff easy because you got the correct crowd to play with (Elite STF channel for example). But for the average player, they probably don't even know this channel exist.

Moreover, you need to run every single STF to get the respective drops. Now, the average player, could just do the STF he finds easy enough and still reach the final destination.

What I'm saying is that this new system is preferable to the old random drop system where effort is not equal to reward put in due to randomness of the drops. Now, despite its long and tiring grind, at least its guaranteed result.

I do agree that the new system needs rethinking on the timescale required to unlock and the resources needed for the projects, which is very steep at the moment. But its not necessarily worse than previous random system.

Ensure when posting, you consider the average player's plight who probably has a job, a family and can't spend his entire life decking out all his alts and their respective boffs with Mk12 gear.

With the new system, the average player can log in, play a couple of STFs or Romulan Marks mission he likes and still earn the gear. Last time, you need to literally wait for Vault event to get reman datalogs (I personally set reminders on my Blackberry on vault event timings and I remember once playing vault event on my laptop at Japan Narita Airport on my connecting flight to US - nearly missed my flight!), then do countless failed attempts at Infected Ground, Cure Ground, Cure Space.. and when occassionally you manage to get the quest completed.. you get 2 EDCs, some random blue item and a lockbox.. rinse and repeat..tell me which is better?

So in short, the idea of reputation system is good, the thing needs reworking is the timescale and resources needed for it. Reduce them somewhat and you'll have a really good system in place.