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11-17-2012, 01:39 AM
Dead on, it's become another job. In the past I had enough fun I had to set an alarm to remember to go to bed and not keep playing all night, but now even the STFs I used to lose myself in feel like work. Why?

Because rewards from them have been significantly reduced as there is absolutely 0 chance of picking up any form of upgrade or chunk of extra dilithium

Because 4/5 of my Fleet feel it's become too much grind as well and aren't spending more than an hour online now, assuming they log on at all

Because many of use are tired of being ignored over the years. Yes, we wanted to have the loot system changed. We even specifically told you that we wanted to move those salvage and tech drops to group rolls, but instead we get a time gated rep system that costs us quite a bit to open..... not to mention those hundreds to thousands of runs you've already done don't count toward this new system

Those were all S7 changes. THOSE are why fleets are withering already, not the dilithium changes, thought they certainly didn't help. But all the defenders want to see and poke at is the anger over the dilithium changes, which tells me many of them probably aren't happy with the rest so they cling to the one set of changes they feel strongly in favor of.