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11-17-2012, 01:55 AM
Rex, oh sunshine of the foundry (*smile*), can you also do that for space mubs, not just for ground mubs? ^^ I mean can space enemies also drop a few large shield batteries and stuff ADDITIONALLY to normal drups? That would be really cute.

Also, don't you mean just Captains and Dreadnaughties? Because if you add battleships, Commanders on ground should also count. ^^ I think Captains and Dreadnoughts should be enuff though, as there are way too many battleships and Commanders around in normal maps and then blue or purrple loot might just get too common.

PS: Could you up sum mubs in Fleet Actions or Defurry Salvage Operations to Level 54 like in Ker'rat so they have a slight chance of drupping MK XII stuff, whatever rarity doesn't really matter.

PPS: And hey, is it possible to make space mubs in the foundry non-scalable? So that you could add a nice epic boss battle with a Dreadnaughty against the player and scripted helping ships? Of course the player would have to add assisting ships or he could just leave them out for a real challenge. A "single enemy captain" mub, also for ground in a 1 vs 1 battle (without away team) would be sumfin I really appreciate.
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