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11-17-2012, 03:25 AM
Yeah totally hahah

But I think the intention is to have the casuals (and as many others as possible) spend dilithium after the unlock.

You should have enough marks to unlock omega in 10 elite stf's. That will give you 11,000 dil.

So if they want that ground set they are 110,000 dilithium short... Or 100 stf's.

That's 3 months of 1 stf every night PLUS the 2 months it took to get there. So we still looking at half a year

I am pretty sure developers are betting a lot of people will just buy it. Since that is the case why couldn't they just sell it on it's own and leave my stf alone

I am glad I put in the work already but it's also sort of negative not to have anything to go for in the rep system.

I thought maybe the flamethrower, cutting beam and entourage, MAYBE - I will have to see the price first.
Outside that it's all meh