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11-17-2012, 02:29 AM
I was actually having fun doing stf's prior to season 7. You got the EDC's, you could save up to get MK XI M.A.C.O./KHG or OMEGA gear. For me, the new system you have to start all over again.

Season 7 killed the fun in stf's especially ground stf's. Now I only bother to do space stf's. Yes there are the accolades for ground, but won't bother with these, since. Well you know. Ground stf dead.

And 40 hours + costs just to get one piece of gear, is it either ground or space. No. It is only a couple a weeks ago I bought a LTS. I regret it. If I knew how much they would change (yes I could had gone on tribble and looked for myself) but I have faith in the devs. thinking they know what they are doing and can have foresight to see what the community wants and change that accordingly.

Coming from EVE Online, I got fed up looking at timers. With the new Omega reputation system, well timers, hello there.