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Originally Posted by xsharpex View Post
if your overall concern is for the average player, then consider the following. how is the average player supposed to remain competitive without these luck drops? ensuring that they are forced to grind stfs to make tier 1 and then wait an additional 201 hours so they can have the bare minimum stf sets for ground and space, just so they can be somewhat competitive and not an absolute burden on whatever team they join. how is that fair for them? do you really think that these people are going to stay in the normal queues for the entire length? if you think the quality of the games now are bad, just wait until more and more of these guys show up to work the system, either for the first time or for their alts.

luck is luck. sometimes, you win, sometimes you lose. but all in all, you still had a chance. even if that proto tech didn't drop for you, chances are you got enough proto salvage for your ship's weapons and edc to buy your mk xi set gear. either way, it was still progress. sure, you didn't progress towards the mk xii set gear you wanted... but you still had a fighting shot at being competitive with others. now, after all these changes, how competitive will the average, new player be?

but then again, some of you will like this system regardless. for others, it'll be a constant reminder of something they will never achieve. if you're constantly blowing up and not putting out as much dps as your team would want and they start tearing into you for being a noob or for wrecking their run, how motivated would you be to continue? how motivated would the average player be? how motivated would they be to continue playing the game at all?

my 2 cents. this is not an attack directed at you, but merely a rebuttal towards the argument you make. i have nothing against you personally and this is my disclaimer.
Valid argument there on luck, but lets consider if there're no drops at all for common tech, it still takes 60 normal STF runs to get your full mkX ground set. Which probably works out to be longer than the current system.. unless you do the STFs consecutively and just STF after STF. Plus, if you're a new player.. you have no business in Elite STFs right? You don't get blown up that easily in Normal STF if you know whats going on.

Lets see.. 60 STFs = 1800 marks (30 Marks per STF). You don't need that many marks to unlock all the MkX gear right? Plus 10.5K dils which you can earn other way and some token items like generators, shield charges, easily obtained from vendors.

If you include the time taken to run the 60 STFs, everything can be quite tiring.. now you can load the project, go to sleep or watch survivor with your wife, play hide and seek with your children, checking your investment portfolio, go to the gym, play some golf then come back with your gear completed. That's for the average player.

IF you're hardcore.. and you haven't gotten your Mk12 gear for all your alts and boffs by now, i'd say you're not hardcore enough

My argument remains: New system is good, but the requirements (both time and resources) are steep.. reduce that by say 30% and you have a nice system in place.

**I'm off to catch a connecting flight to London, so I may not reply for sometime. Be nice guys

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