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11-17-2012, 03:59 AM
My problem is I struggle to see the point in getting the gear at all.

By the end of all the tiers, all the unlocks and all the purchases I'll bet you'd be pretty sick of STF's and any other 'end game' content too. All the gear is letting you do is run through them faster.

It just feels like such a minimal payout for all that time invested, not to mention the ec and dil you'd be draining into them (on top of fleet projects, and embassy projects...AND Romulan reputation projects).

I don't NEED this gear to run through normal STF's, elite doesn't interest me since they are exactly the same missions only harder and all you get for it is a few more marks and a processor - whoopdie doo.

I may try to get to mkxi gear, I'm not even sure I have the patience for that.

Side note. I predict that soon you will be able to buy MACO, Borg or Omega gear in the Zen store for those who don't want to wait for projects - calling it now.