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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
system's actually a kick in the balls to CASUAL players, the old system was BETTER for casuals-even if you could not manage the MkXII sets (myself in case of point), you COULD manage, wihtout spending a full work-day grinding, MkXI sets on a pretty regular basis, and the 3 non-console bits from Assimilated were fairly readily available (yes, I actually DID run Borg Shields and no console-it was still better than most of the crap on the Exchange and cost less at the time than less-capable dilith. gear.)

Comparable time investment (not to mention materiel investment, including things that cost EDC or were actively useful IN the STFs, like regenerators, large hypo, etc.) was significantly less, even WITHOUT drops.

This Rep system ONLY works if your whole universe revolves around playing STO from the time you get up, until you finally MUST sleep.

I couldn't disagree with you more. Random drops in the old system meant people like my dad (Who works 7-5) could never get his ship up to par with mine, (Even mx xi , 40edc's took him ages).

However, with the new reputation system. All he needs to do is around 1 elite STF a week, that's 75 omega marks which is enough for 3-4 Omega force projects. And i don't really see how its" from the time you get up, untill you finally must sleep" you don't have to watch the timer you know? You can just leave it run?

IMO, the new system is much more freindly to casuals than the old one. Untill they unlock the store. Once the hugely inflated Dilithum prices are removed/reduced then my statement will be completely true.