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Originally Posted by kronosath View Post
My opinion/conclusion is that if you expect to use your standard science build from another ship, you will not see a great difference, improvement yes/maybe depends on the switch. If you are planning to have a mix of tac-sci build or eng-sci build, then yes it transforms to a different beast. My advice the Ensign Universal a Sci Boff and the Lt.Com Universal depending on tac or eng build.
This. I use a sci captain and I fly all three types of ship depending on my mood. For starters I wasn't too impressed about the Vesta because I ran a standard sci ship setup. It was better than my other sci ships, but perhaps not enough to justify the zen I spent.

Now, however, I'm starting to like this ship a lot more because simply changing your ltc universal boff and a few items the gameplay drastically changes. A standard beams setup+sci ltc boff and you get your regular sci support gameplay. Slot an engi ltc and you become a decent tank. Slot the aux cannons and a tac ltc and you get nice dps.

Don't get me wrong, escort will always be better for dps and cruisers for tanking, but I enjoy being able to adapt my gameplay. Even in the middle of missions, if there are breaks between fights you can change your setup if different parts of the mission are better suited for dps, soaking dmg, cc, etc.

About aux cannons, imo they are an all or nothing. To get the most of them I use all three (sometimes 2 when I don't want to lose the torpedo launcher) with a tac boff in the ltc universal slot. After a few days of experiencing the ship I found if I'm running a tanky or support setup without said tac ltc boff, I'm more comfortable going back to beams.