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11-17-2012, 03:09 AM
After running Elite STFs since the day they started, and never with a pug, always with EliteSTF channel, friends or fleet mates I got 1 full Mk XII OMEGA ground set, all the Mk XII space sets and MACO Mk XI ground sets on all my toons. I never got the Mk XII MACO ground set which I always wanted. About 4 months ago i gave up STFs completely. Over 700 runs and 1 lousy Mk XII ground set, I was sick to death of them.

I don't mind waiting and I'm not going to grind these rep systems, just do what I feel like when I feel like it and I know that eventually I will develop my characters in many ways and yes finally will get the full Mk XII gear I have coveted for so long. I'm in no hurry, whereas it sounds like many of the people complaining here want it all and want it all quickly. What will you do then? Complain there's nothing to do until the next season update?

Playing an MMO like STO requires a different mindset, it requires you being in it for the long haul, sure you can grind like crazy but even here the DEVs have but in place timers to slow you down so you don't get burnt out too quickly.

Also the system is brand new, we know they listen to feedback, they have made many changes to the Starbase system since launch, give it time and stop trying to have everything on a plate hand delivered by express courier.

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