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11-17-2012, 04:21 AM
Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Eek! Indeed! >Tests OP link< Hmm... It seems to be working for me. I did make some recent changes to my site, so it's possible I goofed something up. On which link did you click? And/or can you provide more info? I'd like to get it fixed/working, naturally.
When I checked (just before posting) it was the top link on this page that was resulting in a 404. Seems to be working again now though.

Cheers for continuing to host/update it.

That's pretty neat that you all like it so much. >more blushing<
The very fact that all the data is laid out in Spreadsheet format means it's very easy to test combinations of new equipment or ships (the copy I use has a few tweaks in order to include buffs from 'Emergency Power to X' and 'Plasmonic Leech'). It's saved me a lot of skillpoint investment on several of my characters by giving me the ability to predict exactly what skillpoint investment is required to balance Aux/Shield/Weapons power etc. at 125 in different ship loadouts. It's definitely useful!

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